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Malcolm Fernandes

Non-Metamorphic Images from the Echoes of a Present

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Our perception of the world today seems to be one of being hurtled through time at supersonic speeds.


We are flooded with information, news, opinions, content — “stuff about” — from all corners of the world and from people all over the world.


To top that the world itself seems to be ever-changing with something “new” happening every day, feeding our perception, the way we think, feel, act and live.


Yet, this constant in-stream is piecemeal; can it ever be complete? Can it even be real? 

And does this constant feeding of our perceptions really have any effect on us? Does it really change us? OR does it only amplify what is already in us and who we already are?

Non-Metamorphic Images from the Echoes of a Present consists of a series of works made in tangible — ink, paint, paper, canvas, as well as intangible — digital and sonic, media.


The works look at the ephemeral aspects of time and the process of change on one hand AND our internal processes of perception, identity and instinct on the other — processes that have perhaps never demanded more attention than they do today in our fast-moving-cross-cultural age of constant change where our own conditioning, beliefs, values and attitudes are challenged in each moment of time.

Metamorphosis is the process of transformation and change. These works seek to capture the opposite of that. But this seeking of the moment really is unique to each person and, as with finger prints, bears the mark of subjectivity — it is intrinsically unique to each person and it is obscured under strata of beliefs, values, doubts, fears, experiences and other influences.

Abstract elements are juxtaposed with geometric shapes and sets of lines that are arranged into connectors in some cases and landscapes in others. The paths in these landscapes indicate the journey forward or, perhaps, a look back at the journey past. This juxtaposition is amplified by the use of digital imagery and sound. All sounds were created electronically by manipulating Time related parameters/effects of the original sound thus emphasizing the theme of the show.   

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The physical works reference the internal: perception, identity, instinct, our own need to create, and, as the title of the exhibit indicates, seek to isolate  snapshots of what we usually perceive as the continuous.

The digital works pull in the opposite direction and, by their very nature, reference the external forces of time, movement and change


Artwork created during the preparation of this exhibit but not included in the final show.

Non-Metamorphic Images from the Echoes of a Present

On view from 14 October – 4 November 2022

10:30 am to 7:00 pm

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The artist sincerely thanks Alliance Française de Bangalore for their support and recognition.

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