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//Reinterpretations, Dante's Inferno

with Companion Soundtrack

This art book contains a reinterpreted, reimagined abstraction of Dante’s Vision of Hell, more popularly known as Dante’s Inferno. The original work was written in the 14th century by Dante Alighieri and is in fact an epic poem — one of three and each split into 31 sections called Cantos. The texts are about one man’s imagined journey of the afterlife. 

For better or worse, we’re, today, on the cusp of change in our evolution as a species — not particularly because of the massive tidal wave of new technologies that are surging into the “real” world currently — and not so much because of the technologies themselves but because of how we, the global masses, are going to react to it and how we are going to live with it all.



You can listen to the companion soundtrack of this book by scanning the QR codes listed (Trigger warning: contains loud noises and sounds) or click the link below.

//Reinterpretations - Dante's Inferno Companion Soundtrack

View the full reinterpretations series of over 200 digital works exclusively on instagram.

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