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Artist Statement

Three aspects of my experience influence me greatly: One: growing up in metropolitan Bombay (Mumbai) as a liberal catholic in the 80s while seeing my father migrate from his rural birthplace in Goa, India and the dislocation, separation and regeneration of identities as a result of it. Two: living through a time of intense transition in ideas, culture and values of the east and west as my country opened up to the world in the 90s. Three: living through the transition of the world from the old to the new through physical, analog and then digital technology, the internet, social media and the consequent changes these keep bringing ever so intensely. As such, my work naturally gravitates towards being deeply layered and often multidisciplinary.
Leaning firmly on the tenants of conceptualism, I create art using traditional media — paint, paper, canvas, wood — as well as digital media, moving images, sound and narrative — often in a single work. Through personification, allegory and introspection, I primarily talk to aspects of ecology, migration, identity, and more importantly I feel, speculations on the underlying psychology and core drives that govern human behavior and the environments we create. 

Looking for correlations and transitions between the external and the internal, the static and the ephemeral, the physical and the intangible/digital, my work is an attempt at the seeking and expression of new knowledge. In many ways this means looking at nature of belief, our core drives, time, history, memory, individualism, collectivism, perception, meaning, language, science, and speculations on the state of the human condition in a post-digital and post-human age.



Malcolm (born 1980, Manama) is an Indian artist and designer who works with a wide range of media including painting, drawing, sound, animation, sculpture, video, installation, as well as 2D and 3D digital art, VR and AR. Deeply influenced by the sciences, history, as well as experimental practices in the arts, theater, literature and music he employs a multi-disciplinary practice to challenge convention and weave imagery, forms, spaces and narratives in ever-evolving contexts. ​

Operating at the confluence of the realism, objectivism and pragmaticism on one side, and the abstract, experiential, subjective and ephemeral on the other, his works seek to question the nature, causes, and drivers that define our experience and our behaviors as a species today. Conceptually and stylistically, Malcolm has always gravitated towards unconventional work that is strong in mood and design, regardless of the genre or medium. Medium and genre tend to become secondary for him and subordinate to the experience as a whole. This reflects in his frequent use of digital/analog tools and technology in conjunction with traditional media as well as using fictional and non-fictional narrative to address critical subject matter. 


Malcolm currently lives and works in Bangalore, India. He has collaborated with artists both in India and internationally, and his work has been written about in news publications and other media. He also writes, documents and theorizes on the subject of art and art history on his art blog and Medium page.


1998 — Diploma in Design, JD Institute of Fashion Technology     

2002 — BA, University of Bombay

2012 — MBA, Sikkim Manipal University

Solo Shows

2022 — Non-Metamorphic Images from the Echoes of a Present — Alliance Française, Bangalore 

2022 — Language — DYU Art, Bangalore 

Group Shows

2024 — Lost in Blr, Bangalore Creative Circus

2024 — Techspressionism Cyberiana

2023 — The Wrong Biennale
2023 — The 
2023 — Art on the Marquee, Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA Long Island), NY
2023 — Points of Light, Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA Long Island), NY
2023 — Lights on MOCA, Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA Long Island), NY

2023 — Collaborative Space Biennale, TASMAI Center of Art and Culture, Pondicherry

2023 — PhygitArt, Villa Graziani, San Giustino, Italy

2023 — FU/BAR 2023, Zagreb, Croatia

2023 — Glitch.Art.Br, Rio

2023 — NOT.GLI.TC/H 23, University of Chicago-MADD Center, US 

2023 — Glitch4Chaos Magick Biennale, Mersz Klub, Budapest

2022 — FU/BAR 2022, Zagreb, Croatia

2022 — Glitch Art.Br, Rio 


Projects & Commissions

2020 — Brand and site design — AJW Express Pvt Ltd

2019 — Brand design consultation — GCPS Pvt Ltd, Chennai/US

2018 — Brand design, Instruction design — India Software Group Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

2014 — Animated Video and product branding — ISGN Corporation, Bangalore

2012 — Private commission of a series of paintings, Bangalore

2003 — Private commission — Mural, Mumbai

2002 — Artwork commission for design store, Senora Fashions, Mumbai



Residencies, Grants, Writings, & Talks 

2024 — Circle 3 New Media Art Residency, Sensistan, Bangalore

2023 — FUBAR  2K23 — Investigating the Psychology of the Glitch Aesthetic..

2022 — Art Grant Alliance Française, Bangalore

2022 — Text - Art Essentials for the Everyday Enthusiast – How Anyone Can Read and Enjoy Art — 2022

2022 — Talk - practice, recent works, and views on art today, Alliance Française, Bangalore

Press, Interviews, & Mentions

The New Indian Express (Print) (3/12/2024): 

Glitch Art Br 2023 Book by Cleber Gazana:

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The Hindu (3/12/2024):  

Artist Spotlight: Digital Art Blog:

Glitch Art (for paper):

Museum of Contemporary Art Long Island (MoMA LI), NY — Video Tour: (16:04)

Interview with Tristan Onek:

Visual Profile:

Glitch Art Br 2022 Book by Cleber Gazana: , Calameo




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