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Human beings are a collection of contradictions. We are a collection of contradictions. And it’s not a far stretch to see that the human experience is essentially an outcome of that fact. Everything we do, everything we bring to life, everything we imagine and create AND everything we don’t, are all part and parcel of the same animal. And it is an animal, try as we may, can but partially tame. Try to reign in the individual and the collective breaks down. Tame the collective and defining the individual turns into something of a distant dream for some (or nightmare for others). By some grand miracle or hand of god, order them both and the world they all inhabit turns topsy-turvy changing context, rule, law, possibility and everything in between.

To me, the foundations of “our” experience falls to but one fundamental — language. It is the one place, the one tool we use to “bring into being” the nothing into something — something thought, something felt and, if venerated with the focus “it” commands, something acted upon and made into a reality. Then it is to this reality that the world reacts to and the cycle begins again, repeating like a broken record, stuck in a perpetual loop that we are destined to embrace for eternity. Add, multiply and compound the output of these cycles of creation and destruction and we get the world we live in right now.

Isolate some of the most widely mentioned challenges we face in modern times — war, hunger, exploitation, poverty, racism, inequality, gender discrimination and discrimination in its various forms, challenges of the environment and climate change, culture wars etc. etc. etc. and it isn’t hard to see that at its most fundamental level, we aren’t speaking the same language. We aren’t finding the same meaning. And we aren’t seeing the same realities — if we are really seeing at all. We’re seeing versions and iterations of the similar, but rarely are we seeing the same. 

Yet, the above is not completely true. 

There is one language that we do use to deal with truth and reality. And it is Math. But we, as living, human beings, don’t think and feel and act in Math, and hence it’s really out of scope of the topic here. 


Or is it?


I’ve always been fascinated by how we use language, memory and emotion to take in the world around us and assign meaning to things. Experience by experience, memory by memory, idea by idea we create worlds internally which are uniquely our own. But we also live in an external, shared reality that is real, undeniable — indisputable. So, how can two people look at the same object or event and have such vastly different interpretations and reactions to it? 


Operating at the confluence of the sciences, realism, objectivism and pragmaticism on one side, and the abstract, experiential, subjective and ephemeral — in individual, collective and inanimate contexts — on the other,  my work explores the themes of psychology, language, meaning, learning, change, perception and how we all have our own unique ways of using them to reconcile the internal and the external and construct the experiences we live in.


Conceptually and stylistically, I’ve always gravitated towards unconventional work that is strong in mood and design, regardless of the genre or medium. From conceptual art, surrealism, and graphic art to music, literature, theatre, and film — “medium” and “genre” tend to become secondary for me and subordinate to the experience as a whole. Yet, there is a deep fascination that I have with taking the whole and breaking it down, only to put it back together (in all the wrong ways) and maybe breaking it down again just for the fun of it.


Malcolm (born 1980) is an Indian designer and artist who works with painting, drawing, mixed media, digital imagery, animation, sound, sculpture and video. Deeply influenced by design, illustration, 90s conceptualism as well as experimental practices in theather, literature and music he employs a multi-disciplinary practice to challenge convention and weave imagery, forms, spaces and narratives that mainly center around questions of perception, human psychology and the reflections on the human condition. He also writes, and theorizes on the subject of art on his personal blog and Medium page.  

Malcolm currently lives and works in Bengaluru, India.

1998 — Diploma in Design, JD Institute of Fashion Technology     

2002 — BA, University of Bombay

2012 — MBA, Sikkim Manipal University

Solo Shows

2022 — Non-Metamorphic Images from the Echoes of a Present — Alliance Française, Bangalore | An exhibition of 74 physical, digital and sound works talking to the nature of human perception and its relationship to the forces of time and change and the role of chage in our cross-cultural world.

2022 — Language — DYU Artcafe, Bangalore | made in reaction to our times, an exhibit of 14 paintings and digital loops on the nature and psychology of human language and its inherent links to the concept of the self — fundamentals that determine our individual and collective experiences.

Group Shows

2023 — Techspression Cyberiana (upcoming)

2023 — The Wrong Biennale
2023 — The 
2023 — Art
on the Marquee, Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA Long Island), NY
2023 — Points of Light, Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA Long Island), NY
2023 — Lights on MOCA, Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA Long Island), NY

2023 — Collaborative Space Biennale, TASMAI Center of Art and Culture, Pondicherry

2023 — PhygitArt, Villa Graziani, San Giustino, Italy

2023 — FU/BAR 2023, Zagreb, Croatia

2023 — Glitch.Art.Br, Rio

2023 — NOT.GLI.TC/H 23, University of Chicago-MADD Center, US 

2023 — Glitch4Chaos Magick Biennale, Mersz Klub, Budapest

2022 — FU/BAR 2022, Zagreb, Croatia

2022 — Glitch Art.Br, Rio 


Art/ Design related Projects & Commissions

2020 — Brand and site design — AJW Express Pvt Ltd

2019 — Brand design consultation — GCPS Pvt Ltd, Chennai/US

2018 — Brand design, Instruction design — India Software Group Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

2014 — Animated Video and product branding — ISGN Corporation, Bangalore

2012 — Private commission of a series of paintings, Bangalore

2003 — Private commission — Mural, Mumbai

2002 — Artwork commission for design store, Senora Fashions, Mumbai



Grants, Writings & Talks 

2023 — FUBAR  2K23 — Investigating the Psychology of the Glitch Aesthetic..

2022 — Art grant Alliance Française, Bangalore

2022 — Text - Art Essentials for the Everyday Enthusiast – How Anyone Can Read and Enjoy Art — 2022

2022 — Talk - practice, recent works, and views on art today, Alliance Française, Bangalore

2022 — Blog: with the goal of understanding what art is, Malcolm’s writings takes an in-depth look at traditional as well as and present-day interpretations of the field and the people practicing them


Artist Spotlight: Digital Art Blocg:

Glitch Art (for paper):

MOCA Video Glow Tour: (16:04)

Interview with Tristan Onek:

Visual Profile:

Glitch Art Br 2022 (Book) by Cleber Gazana - , Calameo



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