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thought and instinct, 2022


Title of Work: Thought and Instinct: 

2022, 11.75 x 8.5 in, Acrylic on paper and wood panel, Series Name: Personal Hieroglyphs

Part A (Front): For how can I accept what is?

Part B (Reverse): Compulsion and the March of Time


This work consists of two parts: a front and a reverse “obscured” section. I like to sometimes see a painting as a piece of sculpture or a complete work — and not just a surface that is to be mounted onto another surface or wall. So I often — not always, but often gravitate to working on the back of the piece as well.

The inspiration for this work is this story about Andy Warhol and his Tomato Soup cans — he’s said to have virtually lived on the stuff when he was growing up where these cans were stocked in his kitchen and his mother would use them to prepare meals. The soup can, has since, moved from being a food and a means of sustenance to becoming this strong image in the evolution of what ART is, in our world. To me the idea of food relates to a primal instinct we have living beings; hunger is an incredibly intense force we all have to live with — one that carries us through time — yet not forever.

Balance that with the idea of thought, reason and logic on the other side and you end up with these relationships that are incredibly fascinating to me. 

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