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The Philosophies of Language


Title of Work: The Philosophies of Language

2012, 36 x 36 inches, Acrylic on Canvas, Series Name: Language


“It amazes me how we can create things — create something from nothing. We have the ability to imagine and then create. But what are we creating?” Malcolm Fernandes


“From the ephemeral to the permanent, from the instinct to identity, from the raw impulse to the intelligent and deliberate, the Philosophies of Language is an ode to the quest of change and transformation. Perfect and imperfect, it is a depiction of the what we as human beings strive to produce and create and experience. Yet our experience (and our quest) is for the most part in the mind.”


“There’s a beauty in it all. It is the possibility of psychological success and of fulfillment. Yet there a tragedy; the tragedy lies in the possibility of failure in this quest. This work is an attempt to comprehend the psychology of living and dealing with life and change.”




The paintings in this series are covered in tiny spots and lines in grey, black and white. What do they signify? Find out more about the Language series here.

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