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The Pedestal and the Point I Learned to Love 


Title of Work: The Pedestal and the Point I Learned to Love 

2012, 20 x 36 inches, Acrylic on Canvas, Series Name: Language


“I once heard a story of a great elephant who had spent many years in captivity with a chain tried to one of his feet. The creature was now old and even thought the chain wasn’t tethered to anything, the elephant remained in his spot living out the rest of his days in “accepted” captivity. I was quite affected by this story because I realized that this is exactly how human beings (and indeed all or most life forms) work. The psychological forces of learning, habit and ritual are tremendous. “


“What is the role of language in how we think, feel, act, and live? “


“What is the process of assignment of meaning? “


“How is this process different in different aspects of our lives? “


“Once formed, can it be changed? “


“Consisting of a room with walls that do not seem to be grounded, a pedestal on the ground and point on the screen in the front, the Pedestal and the Point I Learned to Love is an analysis into our states of being and perception. “



What do the dots and dashes in the Language series of painting symbolize? Find out more about the Language series here.

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