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What is Art? And some other questions

Of all the definitions of the word art that I’ve come across over the years, I’ve found that the latest update on the topic on Wikipedia (a/o 13 July 2022) is probably the simplest and most comprehensive.

It describes art in the following manner: “Art is a diverse range of human activity, and resulting product, that involves creative or imaginative talent expressive of technical proficiency, beauty, emotional power, or conceptual ideas.”

This description really does provide food for thought, doesn’t it?

There’s a provision for the creator of the art, and there’s a provision for the process of creation itself (as varied as this might be today).

Yet, I find this definition lacking. There’s no part where the resultant “art” is accounted for, nor its impact. Nor is there a provision that considers the viewer and the effect on them.

Is this a valid criticism?

Should the "result" of art be included in its definition?

Should the viewer of art be part of the definition of art itself?

What happens if it is?

What happens if it is not? And what’s the big deal if it is not?

Are there any consequences for not accounting for these other aspects? What might these consequences be?

I find these (and other related) considerations extremely interesting.

Food for thought, indeed!


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