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mind and mortality, 2022


Title of Work: Mind and Mortality

2022, 11.75 x 8.5 in x 7 panels, Acrylic on paper and wood panel, Series Name: Personal Hieroglyphs

List of individual panels:
A. Light Must be the Messenger
B. 1.img
C. Everything either is or wasn't.
D. The Dream
E. Tertium non Datur (No third possibility)
F. These are not your feelings. They are ours.
G. "They will see you as a great humanist, a great conservationist. They will see you. If they do, then will you see yourself?"

Picture10 s.png


“There’s a very particular urge that lies deep in our psyche, our very being, and it is an urge, a drive that every living being, every living life-form has. It’s also an urge we have no control (or maybe no “effective” control) over. It is life itself and the urge to live. And the biggest, grandest of all challenges that the “life urge” has is to overcome is its own finiteness.”


“For a while now, I’ve been fascinated by the question (and it is a very personal question to me): What happens when you bring a “Mind” and pair it with that most primitive of urges we all possess?"


"Mind and Mortality is an exploration of what the answer to that question could be.”   

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