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life and religion, 2022


Title of Work: Life and Religion

2022, 11.75 x 8.5 in x 7 panels, Acrylic on paper and wood panel, Series Name: Personal Hieroglyphs

List of individual panels:

A: "Why is it that you want?" A.k.a: Almost Human

B: A Discussion of Philosophy

C: As lost feet trudged through the thick, wooded night.

D: Oranges and Tea

E: The Sabavala Summit

F: The Church

G: But he could not read the writings on the wall nor make known to the empress its meaning.

Description ss.png


"The great challenge of life is learning how to reconcile reality." 

— Malcolm Fernandes


"We see, we experience, we feel. Then we expect, we remember, we construct, and then we think we know.  But as time passes something happens and you realize the ground has moved somehow and your construction has changed. Reality has changed — and now you have to as well."


"Life and Religion was made by accident.  I wanted to depict humanity that is on its way but isn’t there yet. And this is clear when you look around at the world.  We live in a world of extreme contrasts — visible contrasts. Especially the contrast between the wonders of what human faith, kindness and effort can achieve on one hand versus the brutality of dogma on the other." 


"So, what is the relationship between our beliefs, our perceptions and reality?"


"We see our worlds through the filters of what we are told, what we believe, AND what we want. But life is vast in every way imaginable. Inevitably, it doesn’t take long before you see evidence of a reality that you haven’t accounted for and suddenly the world that you've built in your mind has to be broken down because not everything fits as you've made it. And you realize that it has to be broken down into its fundamentals... But what are these fundamentals?"


" I believe these fundamentals reside in the human mind — specifically, in our language and meaning."


"This work is very much a self-portrait that's made up of objects that surround me, separated by space and their story. The unique part about this artwork is that like language there's a visual syntax that can be rearranged by changing order and orientation. The objects themselves are further broken down. their meanings altered, augmented and sometimes flat out distorted."

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