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Every New Moment


Title of Work: Every New Moment

2012, 20 x 36 inches, Acrylic on Canvas, Series Name: Language


“All living thing have one thing in common — an innate and deeply rooted will to exist, live, survive and thrive. And anything and everything that is “new” this is a threat to this. And time itself is the biggest threat. “


“Each new moment of time brings with it the new. This new can be perceived as helpful or harmful to our senses of survival and comfort, but in every case there’s this process of psychological death and rebirth that we all go through — and with it the related emotions that accompany them: fear for the former and elation at the latter. “


“This painting is a homage to time, change and the emotional stimuli that perceptions of death and life bring with it. “



Find out more about the Language series here.

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