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dual code 2


Title of Work: Dual Code 2

2012, 24 x 18 inches, Acrylic on Canvas, Series name: Language


“The works Dual Code 1-4 were constructed as a single work. Like panels of a graphic novel they are individual snapshots showing the movement of the large masses of solid, pure color — the primaries — to represent our primitive drives. Like the churning of emotions all interacting and moving with and against each other these masses of color have nestled within them a consciousness that is rendered in an orb of white.”


“In keeping with the theme of the series, and in an attempt to understand (and perhaps control) these primitives, the images are broken down into tiles. In an attempt to further make sense of it all, each tile is then embedded with an element of learned symbolism — a letter or character, which in turn combines to form words, then sentences, and ultimately derived meaning.”


“Of course, there are rules to how language is used in the interpersonal communication — rules of grammar, syntax and semantics. However, these rules render themselves void when it come to the intra-personal. That’s one of the reasons two people can look the same external thing and react differently to it. Problematic as it may sound, it is also one of the beautiful things that make us human. And that is what fascinates me.”


Find out more about the Language series here.

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