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Title of Work: Wish-a-bhavathi  

Wish-a-bhavathi - Act 1: Bioscope with IR sensor, Arduino Microcontrollers, inkjet print and sound, Act 2: 2024, Acrylic on paper, Raspverry Pi, 2 single-channel lo-fi videos on LED screens, glass, wood, dirty water, Act3:  VR with sound


Installed as part of the Circle 3 New Media Residency post-program group show in Bangalore, this multi-part work was created to raise awareness and spark conversations about the state of the Vrishabhavathi river that runs through the city, about the process of urbanization in India, and about social attitudes towards the ecology that for centuries has supported us. Vrishabhavathi’s story is a tragic reminder of how we have not been responsible stewards of our land.


Woven around a narrative spoken from the water’s perspective and at a time where the city faces an acute water crisis, the installation talks to the river’s ancient past, it’s toxic present, and its dreams for clean water again. Act 1 uses a Bioscope, a centuries-old device showing moving pictures, designed today with LEDs, an IR sensor, Arduino boards to control a motorised drum-system on which are mounted AI generated images and sounds of the Vrishabhavathi. Act 2 consists of a self-contained installation that references the dystopian present-day real imbalance between human need and ecological mismanagement using painting, 3D, and sculpture. Act 3 is crafted in Virtual Reality (VR) to depict the river's dream for a better future.


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