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drive and morality, 2022


Title of Work: Drive and Morality

2022, 11.75 x 8.5 in x 5 panels, Acrylic on paper and wood panel, Series Name: Personal Hieroglyphs

List of individual panels:
A. The Man and his Dreams
B. For All I Might Know
C. Want. I. Want.
D. Hypercube Dismantled - Part II
E. I cannot accept. I accept.
F. The Weight of the World or Something Else Light

Picture5 s.png


​​"What do we do when confronted with something we do not agree with or do not like? How does it feel like in these moments of colossal conflict?"


"I like the idea of playing with opposites. To me the opposite of our deepest of drives and instincts, is everything within the construct of morality. But this opposition only exists in the presence of the power and control that a “thinking mind” can wield. Remove the mind, the sentience, and conflict dissipates." 


"That’s what this work is about — not so much the see-saw, but the push and pull between the internal and the external, the felt and the thought, the urge and the control — the seen and the unseen. That’s why, I guess, when the panels of this work were complete and placed out on the floor, I looked at the pictures and felt this need to identify the space that they bound. What better way to identify this space, (empty as it may seem — or maybe not) than to give it a name and assign a thought, an idea to it?"

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