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Title: Chorale of the Arboretum

VR exhibit with virtual sculpture in 3D, video and sound


Chorale of the Arboretum is a solo installation in virtual reality that is part of a larger group show with a slate of 49 international artists called Cyberiana. The exhibit looks at a key component of the current climate crisis — our dwindling tree and forest cover around the world. But It does so through the lenses of history, religion and ethnicity in a globalized world. Combing the artists memories as Goan, Christian boy growing up in the 1980s and 90s, the story of origin per the book of Genesis in the Bible as he was taught, and the history of the freedom struggle in (British and Portuguese) colonial India, the exhibit is one of the first of the artist’s endeavors to re-discover his own roots, identity and familial leanings while trying to fabricate them at the same time.


A result of the artists focused efforts in his evolving practice-led-research on the topic, the idea of fusion of fact and fiction stems from the artists discovery of the study of parallel/comparative histories OR the study (and writing) of history by looking at multiple historical events at the same time and combining them with fiction, dreams, half-truths, untruths, opinions — all of which are key concerns in the running of our hyper-connected world today. An example of this would be studying the state of the British emperor George III, who was King of Great Britain and Ireland during the American Revolution in 1776, which Britain lost, while at the same time which it had gained a strong foothold in India by toppling Moghul supremacy in the subcontinent and was vying for dominion by battling other European colonizers like the French, Dutch and Portuguese. And yet what happens when the outcomes of these combined historical perspectives are colored with other “facts” and imaginings? And what happens when the resultant stories are told via mediums of a post digital age — VR, 3D and the like?


At the heart of this effort, the artist has in-fact tasked himself with exploring the psyche of human perception and behavior — how these interact, form and deform with every subsequent telling, and yet, how there are connected to ground truths and ground realities like climate change. In many ways, it is an effort to highlight the crisis of the external (like climate change which humanity faces as a reality) by first turning a mirror to the internal.


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